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2013 Fall Grants

District Wide Grant

  1. Describe Your World - Denise Durbin, $287 - Expanding expression tools for speech therapy.

Early Childhood Center

  1. Just ROLL with it, Baby! - Julie Bloss, $375 - Instructional Dice for each ECC Classroom
  2. I See You with IPAD and ELMO - Erin Meyer, $59.98 - Adapter to allow the iPad to be used with the ELMO and SmartBoard. 
  3. ELMO to the Rescue - Randi Adrews and Allison Roye, $1,582 - 2 Elmo projectors for Kindergarten classrooms.

Lower Elementary

  1. An APPLE a Day (Reflector) - Deana Glasgow, $157 - Adapters needed to allow the iPad to be used with the SmartBoard.
  2. Lights! Camera! Music! - Lisa Lovelady, $903.27 - Music software to teach basic music skills and engage students. 
  3. Water Conservation - Labs Deitra Roberts, $904.69 - Water conservation labs teach students about ground water and the role it plays in the hydrologic cycle.
  4. Speak It! Hear It! Write It! - Lori Hines, $149.52 - Utilizing voice recorders to teach students how to enhance and more accurately record their  thoughts in writing. 
  5.  Keys to Success - Carol Hunsperger, $325 - Purchase of keyboards to allow students to better utilize iPads in subjects such as writing Upper  Elementary
  6. Journey into Reading - Miranda Woods, G Flynn, D Davis, $528.50 - Literacy center activities to reinforce comprehension at higher levels.
  7. Lifetime Fitness - Kim Hacker, $2,977.41 - Materials and program to teach health and fitness education. 
  8. Whooo's in My Pellet - Kim Hampton, $372.90 - Owl pellets for dissection during science unit. 
  9. E is for Exciting! E-Books - Dala Davis, $465 - The use of earphones and e-books will engage and excite students, while helping the teacher  improve their comprehension and fluency.


  1. It's the Law - Donna Deason, $1,036 - Straw rockets and ping pong launchers will be utilized to enhance mastery I Newton's Laws of Motion.
  2. iLearn better with Technology *partial - Teachers: Crouch, Pollan, Collins, Gordon, & Jarvis, $8,104.33. 
  3. Unlimited Resources: Revolutionizing Special Ed *partial - Teachers: Martin, Miller, and Clinesmith, $4,833 - The purchase of three iPads for the special needs department allows teachers to provide differentiated instruction and address all modalities of learning.

High School

  1. Be the change-say no to bullying - Bobby Kreutz, $196.49 - Anti-bullying program will empower high school students to teach and promote anti-bullying message for elementary students. 
  2. Teaching Teens with Terrific Technology - Alaina Hilliard, $1,150 - Geometry software will help educators teach at a higher level, giving students a visual, hands-on opportunity to better grasp geometry concepts. 
  3. GHS Band Educational Experience in DC - Joe Wilhelm, $2,000 Partial funding to take learning out of the classroom and into the real world as the GHS Band students take in a variety of educational activities during their trip to DC. 
  4. Typing Toward Our Future - Briana Thurman, $1,218 - Revolutionary web-based keyboarding software that teaches students how to type properly, a mandatory skill in today's tech savvy environment. 
  5. The Inside School - Terri Guthridge, $200 - Students will enhance their opportunities to learn by utilizing iMovies to make trailers for major book projects. 
  6. Grow Grove - Marc Cooper, $1,355.71 - A portable grow lab to be used along with the existing green house to help students better grasp the subject in the the Botany class. 
  7. Put My Students on "PROBEationa" with LabQuest - Valerie Epperson $6,181 - LabQuest2 is a hand-held device utilized in the laboratory setting to analyze data and data collection by use of 9 sensors and probes.