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2013 Spring Grants

Early Childhood Center

Grove PreK Teachers  $1,628.32   “Buy Our Books- A GEFFE Grant to Purchase BOB Books”  There is a need to add simple readers to our PreK curriculum that can be used during small group and individualized reading instruction with students who are just beginning to read.  Along with the simple readers, our PreK team is asking for literacy support items to help us improve our literacy instruction for all students. 

Erin Meyer & Amanda Roberts  $790.90  ELMO! Is not just a red Sesame Street friend! Differentiated instruction is imperative in the classroom. In order to reach the needs of all learners, incorporating an ELMO would make teaching more effective.  Teachers and students benefit from having an ELMO in the room to aid with whole group teaching.  ELMO stands for Electric Light Magnifying Objects.

Debra Popp  $318.00 “Shape it Up”  With the Common Core Standards in full force, new skills that require different manipulatives are needed in insure learning of two and three dimensional shapes.  This grant helps provide those manipulatives.


Nina Moman & De Manning $629.45  “Zoo-per Remediation”  This is a project to provide materials to tutor students on an intervention plan in kindergarten.  These students are deficient in Common Core skills needed to pass kindergarten.  Zoo-Phonics uses all 3 learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) plus zoo animals for motivation.

Lower Elementary

Rosemary Taff  $365.87  “Classroom Literacy and Vocabulary Enhancement”  This provides students with more books on their level that would promote on-level reading and literacy enhancement. The books that have been chosen books are those of great interest to the students in an effort to foster a love of reading in each student.


Lu Ann DuBois  $3,776.00 “REDCAT (Classroom Audio Technology) to the Rescue”  This grant is for the teachers of the 1st through the 3rd grade.  Approximately 30% of any K-6 population will have ear infections and middle ear fluid throughout the school year which can produce mild hearing loss.  The U. S. Department of Education validates classroom audio technology as an aid in overcoming the hearing loss and in preventing academic deficiencies as a result of this hearing loss.  This is not just a microphone, but a system that allows the student on the back row to hear as clearly as the student on the first row.

Upper Elementary

Kathy Carper $952.00 “Can You Hear Me Now?”  This grant will provide a Redcat microphone/speaker system from Lightspeed Technologies which will be used to enable every child in the classroom to clearly hear all the speech components of the teacher's voice.  This will enhance the listening and learning environment for all the children in the classroom as research-based studies have clearly proven.  Sound-field studies show that amplifying a teacher's voice results in exceptional improvement in reading and language test scores for all students at all elementary levels.

Jennifer Rose  $4,000.00 “Composing Our Education Through Music Technology”  This grant will fund the beginning of the creation of a Music Technology Lab at the Upper Elementary.  The "Music Shop" would utilize the currently vacant shop room between the Tech Ed building and the Gym.  The "Music Shop" would begin with a computer workstations, keyboard (pianos), and software to offer our students a digital music education.  Each student would be learning the newest techniques in our music industry along with learning the basics of a general music education.

Shelly Barnes & Kim Hacker $3,000.00 “Fitness- "Get those bodies moving!!"  Physical Education is needing equipment to promote cardiovascular endurance. As healthy children campaigns continue to be necessary, Delaware county continues to be one of the most overweight counties among children in our area.  The equipment listed in this grant will provide us the opportunity to teach, encourage, develop, and implement fitness education at the upper elementary and midschool levels.

Gayla Flynn $399.80 “Venture-Read Through The Passage”  This grant will fund the purchase of four interactive readingcomprehension games in 4th grade.  These games will be used in each of the five reading classrooms.

Dala Davis $320.94 “Literacy is the Center" of Education”  This grant will be used to fund materials and hands-on resources to incorporate Literacy Centers into the classroom instruction. Centers would enable the students to collaborate together and engage in meaningful skill-based activities as well as improve their social and problem-solving skills. Literacy Centers fit the style of teaching that will collaborate with the new Oklahoma Common Core Curriculum Standards.

Mid High

Donna Deason $434.04 “Mark the Spot”  Small whiteboards will be placed at each table for 'bellringers', speed/motion problems, genetic punnett squares, chemical equations, or any types of drawings such as concept mappings or compare/contrast.  Boards can also be used to brainstorm for literacy projects.  Small whiteboard graphs will also be used to do the many graphs we construct and analyze.  Graphing is one of the science department's smart goals.  

High School

Donnetta Kerr  $7050.00  Check It Out!   This is a request for 15 new desktop computers for the library.  Computers are such a necessary part of today’s education.  Having 28-30 updated computers in the library would be a boost to meeting a lot of the educational goals that the high school is striving to attain.  Writing is an integral part of education, and using technology that is up-to-date is absolutely necessary. The high school has some useful programs to help ease the students into the writing process, but these tools require more computers than are available.   This would also add another computer lab to service our students, making their transition to core and graduation easier.

Briana Thurman $1,200.00 “Young Entrepreneurs Aiming for Success”  This is a program that will teach students  to successfully run their own business from startup by using topics that students are interested in.  Students will also be given the opportunity to help run the High School Store which will allow them to learn about hands-on real situations.