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2014 Spring Grant Recipients


Jana Gibson -- $179.10  “Invasion of the Bugs...The Saga Continues!”  This grant will help the students experience the Life Cycle of insects. I had the opportunity of writing the grant "Buggy For Insects" in (4-1-09 and "The Buzz Continues in 2011. I am changing the title this time to a new bug title something more catchy. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the kids faces when the bugs really come out from the cocoon it is very surprising learning for the children and adults in the classroom.

 KindergartenTeachers/Daigle/Andrews/Meyer/Roye/Popp/Kelly/Thomas/Outhier/Carmical -- $995  “Leveled Readers: Kindergarten Bundles of Joy”  With the Common Core State Standards and an increase in academic standards in all grade levels, reading instruction and the expectation of reading ability in Kindergarten has greatly changed in the past few years. It is vital that Kindergarten students exit the Kindergarten year with a strong foundation as a fluent reader.  The ECC is in need of leveled reading books that can be used during small group reading instruction with all students.  This grant would be used to purchase sets of the same titles of reading books that would be checked out by classroom teachers and used to teach reading skills during small group reading.  The books chosen are on various levels and would meet the needs of students who are beginning readers as well as skilled readers. The ECC has a very limited number of leveled reading books at this time. Titles selected for this grant are non-fiction, Kindergarten level readers that meet the academic standards required for students to exit our program. The vendor, Follett, was chosen because their books are durable and high quality.  This is the vendor that GEFFE uses for the books used each year at the fundraiser for patrons to donate. 

 Lower Elementary

Donna Riley -- $1960.84  Mini iPads for major impact Purchase 6 iPad mini's for the Special Education department at Grove Lower Elementary.  Students who are a part of Special Education struggle in school.  They struggle in academics, struggle with peers, struggle being motivated, struggle with day to day behavior. A teacher works hard every day to meet the needs of so many students.  Technology can be a teacher's best friend when it comes to working with students who have many needs, different abilities and interests. IPads can help children with special needs, whether speech or vision, Occupational Therapy or Learning Disorders and even behavior problems.  There are apps that can focus on social manners and basic conversations.  Apps that will increase literacy and math skills.  I plan to use the iPad mini to enhance my students' learning experiences.  I want them to be excited and motivated about learning.  IPad mini's may be small but they will have a major impact on my students' learning.

 Lisa Linn -- $2,719.95  Launching Learning with the iPad  Technology has impacted the classroom in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.  Imagine taking a virtual trip to the moon, watching baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs, or being able to access an entire set of encyclopedias with a few taps and swipes of your fingers!  These activities, and countless others, are possible with the iPad.  Students can be actively engaged in the learning process with the multitude of apps that are available.  Learning activities can be customized to the interests and learning level of the individual student.  Progress can be documented and assessed quickly and easily, allowing timely and individual instruction for every student.  Students will truly become 21st century learners thru the engaging technology of the iPad.

 Deitra Roberts -- $1,292.00Culminating Cave and Water Conservation Studies Tour of Bluff Dwellers Cavern, Gemstone Panning, and Browning Rock Museum Tour .  Students will explore cave and water conservation studies in the spring. Project Underground curriculum will be used to build students knowledge of groundwater, its importance both above and below the surface, and how contaminants can affect cave systems and the water we utilize daily. As a culminating activity, students will tour Bluff Dwellers Cavern to observe vital karst and underground water features, pan for gemstones using "old time" techniques, and tour Browning Museum which houses thousands of rocks of all varieties from all over the world. I obtained the Project Underground curriculum with detailed lessons by attending the Project Underground workshops at the National Speleological Society Convention in June of 2011 and WILD About Caves Workshop with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in July of 2013.

 Upper Elementary

Dr. Jo Martin --$6,636 "DIGITAL LEARNING IN THE LIBRARY"  The roles of the school librarian have always evolved to meet the needs of the students, and as technology continues to permeate teaching and learning, librarians must ensure that students are prepared to utilize technology as a tool for learning, participating, and succeeding in a digital learning society.  Consequently, I am requesting a library laptop mobile lab so our students will have the opportunities of creative technology library lessons/projects that are planned in conjunction with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

 Paige Yarborough -- $1455.19  "Math Centered Math Centers: It's Math T.I.M.E.!"  Math T.I.M.E is an acronym for Teacher's Choice, Independent Work, Manipulatives, and Excelling in Essentials. It is a series of math centers to improve student involvement with one-on-one practice, challenge students to execute their newly learned math skills, engage students with technology and math manipulatives and to regularly reinforce and refresh previously learned skills.

 Jennifer Rose -- $2296.74  "Rising to the Occasion in the Digital World" For the music lab, adding two more workstations would allow more students to utilize the equipment simultaneously as well as begin composing and arranging their own music.  I would like to see the addition to the music lab grow to a fully functioning digital music studio in the years to come.  I feel that if offered the proper and engaging musical environment for successful musicianship, students would gain a sense of pride for their program as well as be more encouraged to share their immense enthusiasm for creating something from nothing more than their voices. 

 Debra Facio -- $981"The Voice" of Learning   RedCat is a classroom audio system that will enhance student listening and learning.  There are approximately fifty computers within our computer lab.  Students have varying learning styles and noise often inhibits their focus which in turn does not allow them to learn to their maximum potential.  With this audio system, it allows the teacher to speak in a calm tone and relay instructions and lessons in a manner that is beneficial for all students.

 Tim Williams -- $2,515.00 "Sun Powered Growth"  This project is an expansion of activity currently going on in the GEFFE Greenhouse located on the campus of the Upper Elementary/Middle School.  The expansion will allow students to study and learn about Solar Energy as well as provide real world application in sustainable energy and food production.  Further expansion will also allow the current food that is supplied to the cafeteria to be increased by approx. 30%.  Additionally, there will be many more opportunities for students of all ages to use this expanded facility for Science Fair research and ongoing projects.  The result of this project will be a completely energy independent section of the GEFFE Greenhouse providing food and showing that renewable energy coupled with sustainable food sources work.  This invaluable tool will provide incredible numbers of learning opportunities for our students. 

 Middle School

 Jesi Gordon -- $214.20  "What's The Word?"  My goals for this grant are to create a class of students with not only an expanded vocabulary but the skills to utilize reference material to increase the depth of knowledge of vocabulary. The use of the thesauri would also expand vocabulary and would be used to substitute vague words in writing for more colorful, descriptive words which increase scores on writing portions of standardized tests and the overall marketability for students when considering career and college preparedness. The use of a dictionary and thesaurus can be a very useful aid in stimulating thought, organizing ideas and thinking more clearly and effectively. Out-of-date dictionaries can provide out-dated information 

 Donna Deason -- $1000  "Measuring Up to Oklahoma Science Process Standards"  The most important aspect of science is their process skills.  Oklahoma testing focuses highly on process skills which include measurement, scientific method, and inferring.  Many labs and activities are designed to master science process skills.  This skill continues through high school to college.  Our students must master these skills to rise to the top.   

 Angie Bacon and Sylvie Kane -- $4320 The DaVinci (QR) Code: Using QR Codes and Mini IPads to Enhance Problem Solving  QR (Quick Response) codes will be used at the Lower Elementary and Middle  School to engage students with the use of technology.  By posting QR codes throughout the schools, students will solve a variety of math problems aligned with Common Core.  In order to read QR codes, Mini Ipads will be needed by the second grade students (Middle School is currently equipped with a full set of  Ipads).  QR codes will be created at both schools by the students.  Ideally, the seventh graders will create problems solvers for the second graders. In turn, the second graders will find the solutions  and receive feedback from the seventh graders.

 Joe Wilhelm III -- $1,009.81 "SmartMusic Makes Smarter Musicians"  In the beginning, intermediate, and middle school band classes there are an average of 60 students per class. The process in which testing occurs in each class takes over 2 days to complete. The directors must listen to each individual student to assess their development on their instrument. Tests typically occur every one or two weeks. With the addition of SmartMusic in the classroom this will alleviate missing two days or more of rehearsal time that could be spent with the entire ensemble. Students will be able to test on the program before, during, and after school. The directors will also be able to grade the tests at any point from their personal computer, laptop, iPad, or iPhone. Students are also able to playback what they recorded and be able to assess their own playing as well as hear how their individual part fits in with the ensemble to better their ability to perform with the ensemble.

 High School

Kali Karriman  -- $618.75 “ACT Test Preparation” My main goal for this grant, is to boost high school students ACT test scores. Another goal would be to get more students involved and interested in preparing for the ACT. Most students get bored using online curriculums all the time, and by having Chad Cargill's ACT test prep books, students would be able to work with pencil and paper along with learning all of his strategies for each particular test. The state tests that the students take are not timed, so by having this tool, students will be able to practice so that they can get used to managing their time to be able to finish the whole ACT.  

Angela Duff -- $947.56  "Art Room Update" My goal is to expose students to the nature and value of art.  I want to inspire, encourage and equip students to be able to communicate about, gain information from and express themselves through art. By being able to clearly see what is being taught or presented, all students will have a greater opportunity for success.  In the art room there is a need for a video camera that will capture and project finely-detailed, live-action demonstrations.  Because the art room is long and narrow,  it is very difficult for students on the ends and corners to see when a new technique or process is being introduced or demonstrated.  A high quality presentation camera, and work station will help to alleviate this problem

Lisa Cookson -- $863.88  "Foundation in Personal Financial Literacy" The new 2014 Dave Ramsey Personal Finance Curriculum will help to supplement my Financial Literacy classroom with the latest information in a very fun and informative way.  The curriculum includes short video clips, work sheets, and test.  It covers all fourteen Oklahoma state standards.

Mrs. Jeanne A. Smith -- $2,078  "Making Mathematics More Magnificent with Many Modes of Multimedia" This project involves setting up one math classroom with a Doceri System for the teacher to incorporate the use of an iPad and various iPad applications.  This project will also add a set of 10 TI-Nspire CX graphing calculators with built-in rechargeable batteries and a laptop computer for the associated teacher/student software.  Using these various forms of multimedia will enhance learning in the math classroom

Terri Guthridge -- $1,035.00 “The Ridge Writers”  Through modeling of the “The Freedom Writers” book and movie, students significantly alter their self images and understandings of society and culture.  The students undergo deep personal and cultural analysis with the aim to improve their lives and community through writing.  While students meet academic standards and grade level skills, the act of writing and sharing one’s personal story is a driving force behind the project.  It is a personal odyssey. Faced with divisive classroom politics, prejudice, and even violence, students guard themselves and have very little trust in the world around them. Writing is a great way to help break down those barriers.  Through journal writing, students are allowed to “write their wrongs” in ink, as well as, anything else they might feel like writing.  We start out by reading the non-fiction novel “Freedom writers” about actual students like them who used writing to transform their lives.  By using books that speak to the reality of students, it causes active participation in their own education.  Testing seems to be the main focus for our schools, but our job as teachers require so much more than that.  We are preparing our students for college, but we are also preparing them for life.  In the book “Freedom Writers”, one teacher took 150 students, spiral notebooks, and pens, to begin a change in students no one thought was possible.  I don’t just want to leave a legacy for my students, I want to teach my students how to leave a legacy of their own.

Gerri Chandler -- $624.88  "Up, Up, and Away!"  Up, Up, and Away! is a Hot-Air Balloon project used to enhance the learning of the Gas Laws in Physical Science.  Students will construct four foot tall hot-air balloons out of tissue paper.  Students will then launch the hot-air balloons and watch them travel up, up, and away. 

Matt Fracek -- $276.90  Visual Vocabulary - Courtesy of AVID Methodology  Visual Vocabulary is a simple a idea that makes history and social studies come alive for students; and become as interactive as as mixing Sodium with H20 and watching the result (yep I know a little chemistry too!) Students will work in collaboration with one-another to create a visual representation of important concepts in pursuit of mastery of social studies material; an infographic of sorts. They will then use these infographics to complete a structured peer review. If one really wants to learn something, the best way to do that is to teach it.   .