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2015 Fall Grant Recipients

2015 Fall Grants

Early Childhood Center (ECC)

 $703.59 — Centered Around Success...This grant provides materials that are used everyday to build and enhance fundamental reading, writing, and literacy skills for our kindergarten students.  Brandy Kelly, Kindergarten Teacher

 $1110.27 — We Got the “Write” Stuff...This grant provides all kindergarten classrooms with an invaluable tool that engages students with hands-on learning. Wipeable marker boards are now available for some of our youngest students to master letter naming, number writing, building consonant-vowel-consonant words, as well as handwriting and math skills.  Randi Andrews, Katie Carmical, Erin Deaton, Brandi Kelly, De Manning, Carli Miller, Debbie Outhier, and Stephanie Thomas, Kindergarten Teachers

 $231.08 — Invasion of the Bugs… “The Saga Continues!” Part 2...This grant, in an ongoing experience for our Pre-K students, provides the opportunity for our youngest Ridgerunners to witness, firsthand, the life cycles of insects. Live insects add excitement when learning scientific facts and connect the classroom to nature.  Jana Gibson, Pre-K Teacher  

 Grove Lower Elementary

 $191.90 — Climbing the Mountain to Success...This grant provides the Mountain Math and Mountain Language tools which enhance the current curriculum. Students gain a fun and easy way to assist in their mastery of lifelong skills.  Lori Lovely, First Grade Teacher

 $247.36 — Listening is Important!!!...This grant provides a much needed update to equipment that is used when teaching students how to read. Spending time this improved listening center will enhance the learning process.   Amanda Cox, First Grade Teacher

 $794.76 — Productive Projections...This grant enhances our art program by providing an ELMO Projector for the classroom. This technology helps create dynamic lessons, exposes students to a wide range of artistic expression, and assists the teacher in instruction.  Donita Goforth, Lower Elementary Art Teacher

 $2872.00 — ELMO: Living Large in Third Grade...This grant provides ELMO document cameras in every third grade classroom. This technology allows lessons to be projected directly to the SmartBoard, which encourages a multi-dimensional learning experience.  Barbara Couch, Carol Hunsperger, Lori Hines, Deitra Biely, Lisa Linn, Deana Glasgow, Tanya Tackett, Tracy Goins, Third Grade Teachers

 $1,595.32 — iNeed an I.O.U...This grant puts technology in the classroom and directly in to the hands of first grade students. Four mini iPads and additional attachments will be used everyday for hands-on instruction and will enhance students’ participation in creative lessons.  Cassi Stinnett, First Grade Teacher

 $5599.23 — Cave & Water Conservation Studies...This grant allows third grade students to experience a comprehensive curriculum on cave and water conservation. As residents of the Grand Lake area, students will gain an understanding of human effects on our water systems, both seen and unseen. This program also includes classroom instruction, hands-on lab experiments, and the course culminates in a virtual cave experience.  Deitra Roberts-Biely, Third Grade Teacher

 $1257.92 — Technology Transformations...This grant puts technology in the classroom and directly in to the hands of our students. With iPads and Osmo capabilities, students will have opportunities to think creatively and learn critical thinking skills.  Cassie Jackson and Becky Roberts, First Grade Teachers

 $1,255.95 — Becoming a “TechKnow” Classroom...This grant puts technology in the classroom and directly in to the hands of our students. The access to modern technology supplements the learning in the classroom.  Sarah Heird, First Grade Teacher

 $4,080.00 — iLearn Through iPads...This grant provides ten iPads which enables each student in this classroom to have access to an iPad throughout the day. This will enhance learning through hands-on experiences and creative applications.  Carol Hunsperger, Third Grade Teacher

 $299.99 — “APPlying” Phonics with the Barton Phonics APP...This grant brings the Barton Phonics Reading Program directly to the iPads this classroom already has. The Barton Program, implemented district wide, is a systematic and research-based approach to teaching phonics. Through this grant, students in this classroom will have direct access to this program on their iPads.  Deana F. Glasgow, Third Grade Teacher

 $1555.45 — iLearn with iPads...This grant provides five iPads with headphone attachments for first grade students. Increased research supports the benefits of hands-on learning with iPads in the classroom.  Debra Popp, First Grade Teacher

 $677.97 — iPads, iPads Rock! The Teacher Wants Them For Her Flock!...This grant provides three iPads with headsets that this teacher can add to her classroom. Every iPad that is added, increases the students’ access to invaluable technology.  Shawna M. Lenhart, First Grade Teacher

 $400.19 — Watch Us Grow in Third Grade...This grant provides materials for the students to grow various plants, from leafy greens, flowers, and succulents. They will observe changes in the life cycles of the plants, gain writing experience while making journal entries and create PowerPoint presentations. At the completion of the project, the students may have beautiful plants to share with their families and loved ones.   Deitra Roberts-Biely, Third Grade Teacher

 Grove Upper Elementary

 $234.10 — Inference Away...This grant provides a new set of books developed to make learning the skill of inferencing more interesting. This new tool will help students learn a much needed skill.  Miranda Woods, Fourth Grade Reading Teacher

 $545.96 — T N T for a DYNAMITE Science Class!!!...This grant provides much needed equipment for the sixth grade science class. ‘Tools and Tables’ are needed to establish a working lab area where students will learn by using the Engineering Design Process.  Kim Hampton, Sixth Grade Science Teacher

 $6350.00 — iDo, iLearn: Creating an Innovative 1-to-1 Learning Environment...This grant provides eighteen iPad minis, which is a complete classroom set. This teacher’s goal to be on-on-one with the best technology is a dream com true!  Paige Yarborough, Fifth Grade Teacher

 Grove Middle School

 $2,306.67 — Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage, and Grove Middle School students are merely players...This grant supports the Grove Middle School students that are expanding their literary and performance horizons. Students will get to experience Shakespeare, in preparation for their studies in high school and college. And the Speech and Drama students will have the unique opportunity to perform some Shakespeare classics to their classmates. This will greatly enhance the students’ exposure to classic literature with an opportunity to understand why it is relevant today.   Melinda Jarvis, Middle School Librarian

 $1,066.00 — Clear Connections...This grant provides the Middle School Library with a Redcat amplification system to enhance the listening environment in the library. Many occasions arise that require large groups of students to receive information in the Library. This system assures that each student is given the opportunity to hear and understand the teacher or presenter clearly. This encourages better listening and more effective communication.  Melinda Jarvis, Middle School Librarian

 $3713.00 — Probing Into the World of Science...This grant provides an amazing piece of equipment that is used to collect sensor data with its built-in graphing and analysis application. It is the Vernier LabQuest 2, and many colleges and universities in this region also use this equipment. Therefore, our middle school science students will gain valuable experience that prepares them for high school, university, and beyond!   Donna Deason, Middle School Science Teacher

 Grove High School

  $942.26 — 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens...This grant provided this important program to introduce our high school students to much needed life skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime. They will receive tips and tools necessary for improving self-esteem, building friendships, resisting peer pressure, setting and achieving goals, getting along with parents, and strengthening themselves in many other areas.   Amanda Johnson and Laura Loyd, High School English Teachers

 $3995.63 — It’s Ridgerunner Game Day!!!!...This grant allows one of last year’s grants to continue and expand. With the specialized equipment provided by this grant, high school students are establishing a broadcast journalism classroom to be run by students. Plans include a Ridgerunner Game Day series to recognize success in the schools, as well as a student news broadcast. This class will work closely with the Entrepreneurship Class. Donny Pennington, Alternative Education Teacher and Briana Thurman, High School Business and Computer Teacher

 $2500.00 — Technology Grant...This grant provides updated computers for the Alternative Education Program. With greater numbers of updated computers, these students are given the opportunity to continue with their successful path to graduation.Donny Pennington, Director of Alternative Education

 $657.00 — And Mini More…This grant provides three mini iPads for the high school science class. This technology will be added to the iPads that are already available in the classroom, making it a more complete set and more accessible to our students. Gerri Chandler, High School Science Teacher

 $1,170.00 — STEMtastic Activities for Students!...This grants provides various electronics and robotics kits for students to learn about soldering, electronics, and computer programming. These experiences may encourage the students to explore higher levels of learning in programming, robotics. and basic problem solving.  Mrs. Jeanne A. Smith, High School Teacher

 $1152.00 — Science Enhancement iPad Grant...This grant provides four iPads to be used in the Special Services classroom at the high school. This technology helps stimulates the brains and tap neurocognitive abilities, especially when teaching students with disabilities. iPads will allow this teacher to explore science in different educational directions.  Angela Pennington, High School Teacher

 All-Site Grant

 $5649.50 — Barton Reading Mastery...This grant provides funding for the Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention System to be implemented throughout the Grove Public School System. It is a multi sensory based teaching method that simultaneously teaches visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways in learning to read and spell. This program is especially effective in identifying at-risk students and helping them achieve success.  Special Education, Title I, and RTI Teachers, Donna Riley, Kim Roberts, Sherry Spychalski, Samantha Neal, Jenna Feken, Becky Kidwell, and Becky Mease