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2015 Spring Grant Recipients

Early Childhood Center

$1,200 – Up, Down and All Around: Sensory Integration for Children with Special Needs... This grant funds an indoor sensory space where special needs children can swing, jump, rock and spin.Judy Kimmel and Judy Tinney, Special Education Teachers at the ECC

$378.27 – Counting on You! ...This grant funds hands-on math materials to help students learn math concepts. Shawna Lenhart, Kindergarten Teacher at the ECC

$743 – Music from the Heart ...This grant funds new rhythm instruments and music CDs. Nina Moman, Music/Art Block Teacher at the ECC

$2,234.07 – Lighting Our Way to Learning ...This grant funds six, 3D “light cubes” and coordinating materials to engage the visual, kinesthetic and visual methods of learning. Molly Sanders & Anita Highley, Pre-K Teachers at the ECC

$7,537.96 – IPad, IThink, ILearn ...This grant funds 25 iPads and a cart to allow an entire classroom to use it at the same time.  Julie Bloss Principal at the ECC

Lower Elementary

$1,595.32 – Our Learning Will Go Soaring Into the Cosmos with Osmos! ...This grant funds four iPad Minis with Osmo attachments, a device that integrates with the iPad to provide more tech learning opportunities.  Sarah Heird, First Grade Teacher, Lower Elementary

$926.85 – iPads for Readers ...This grant funds three iPad Minis for students to read ebooks, research and math practice.  Barbara Couch, Third Grade Teacher, Lower Elementary

$1,678.95 – Technology in the Hands of the Future ...This grant funds three iPads to allow students to have time to use one daily. Deitra Roberts-Biely, Third Grade Teacher, Lower Elementary

$648.99 – Happy Feet ...This grant funds jumbo floor pianos and cymbals to enhance creativity, coordination and rhythm. Lisa Lovelady, Music Teacher, Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary

$362.84 – The Magic of Literacy Part II ...This grant funds interactive read-aloud books to encourage higher level thinking skills. Stacey Millican and Miranda Ward, 5th Grade Reading Teachers, Upper Elementary

$13,674 – Books Away! Ipads Every Day! ...This grant funds the first completely wireless classroom in GPS with 25 iPads. Programs on the iPads will allow students to work at their own pace and skill level.  Linda Culvey, 5th Grade Teacher, Upper Elementary

$981.00 – Can You Hear Me Now? ...This grant funds a RedCat audio system so students can hear the teacher more clearly. Lorraine Beall, 6th Grade Teacher, Upper Elementary

$2,710.00 – LEGO My Robot! Taking S.T.E.M. to the Future! ...This grant funds a Robotics kit for students to build robots and two iPad Minis for coding the robots. Paige Yarborough, 6th Grade Teacher, Upper Elementary

Middle School

$468.97 – Rock on the Center of the Earth ...This grant funds science novels, supplementary activities and rock kits for hands-on and interesting learning. Donna Deason, Science Teacher, Middle School

High School

$2,048 – FTC Robotics FUNding for Fabulous Freshman ...This grant funds a robotics kit, which allows an additional robotics team to be formed and compete at robotics competition. Jeanne Ann Smith, Mathematics & Robotics Teacher, Grove High School