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Grove Education Foundation for Excellence

2016 Grant Recipients

2016 GEFFE Grants Awarded


$756.00 — Learning Beyond the Screen  This grant has purchased four interactive OSMO systems for a pre-k classroom. OSMO technology combines the use of iPads with physical manipulatives to target skills such as letterrecognition and counting, coding, spacial arrangement, shape manipulation, and creativeproblem solving. Linda Adams, Pre-K Teacher

 $331.88 — Reading Goes High Tech This project gives students in a pre-k classroom access to educational books and information through the use of QR codes (quick response codes.) Our students can now easily scan QR codes and enhance their education by listening to stories and lessons being read aloud. This project reinforces learning in all areas, from literacy to math, science, and social studies. Anita Highley, Pre-K Teacher

 $1,321.21 — We Are Perfectly FINE.  This grant has provided the entire kindergarten program with hands-on tools and manipulatives to develop and enhance fine motor skills. Kindergarten students now have the opportunity to increase fine motor skills through fun and engaging activities that will have a lasting impact on their academic success. Kindergarten Teachers

 $514.13 — Sound Off!!!  This grant has provided a kindergarten classroom with fun and engaging tools to encourage practice with letters and their sounds. This provides the priceless foundation students need as they start their journey into the magical world of reading! Erin Deaton, Kindergarten Teacher

 $140.42 — R.E.A.D.I.N.G, R-receiving E-effective A-academic D-differentiated I-instruction N-nurtures G-growth With two interactive programs that are used with iPads, this grant gives a kindergarten classroom access to learning activities for a wide range of important lessons. Letter identification, letter sounds, spelling, phonics, and introduction to nouns and verbs are just a few of the lessons students can now engage in to enhance their learning experience. Brandy Kelly, Kindergarten Teacher

 $436.77 — First Year Learning Funsies During reading instruction, this kindergarten classroom now has hands-on tools that make a positive impact on the students’ learning success. These materials enhance literacy skills and help kindergarten students excel in reading basics. Chelsea Young, Kindergarten Teacher

 $482.33 — Digital Playground  This grant funded multiple innovative tools to enhance learning centers in a pre-k classroom. Students now have more access to materials that takes their education to new heights, incorporating technology with hands-on items. Our youngest Ridgerunners are learning shapes, numbers, letters, and solving challenges to prepare them for the years ahead. Molly Sanders, Pre-K Teacher

 $976.51 — Crash! Boom! Bang! Kindergarten students are enjoying an exciting and noisy adventure in music! This grant has purchased multiple new instruments for the music class and future artists will be seen and heard in the new Performing Arts Center for years to come. Beautiful drums, tambourines, and Boomwhackers are being used to improve hand-eye coordination, to teach rhythm and beat, and to encourage hard work to learn new skills and master musical tasks. Lisa Lovelady, Music Teacher, ECC and Lower Elementary

 $1,185.08 — Hop and Hoop to Physical Fitness This grant has purchased new equipment for the Physical Education classes at the ECC. All pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are benefiting from the improved exercise experience, helping them lead active lives and teaching them the importance of exercise and good health. Nina Moman, Physical Education Teacher


 $338.87 The Circle of Life!  This projects allows a first grade classroom to learn about Earth Science and life cycles through exciting hands-on experiments. These students are witnessing science and taking part in the lives of frogs, plants, butterflies and insects. Lessons involving magnets, an egg incubator, rocks and minerals are also included in this grant. Amanda Cox, First Grade Teacher

 $3,025.34 — All for One and One for All! 1-to-1 Technology  This grant completed the goal of a first grade classroom to have an iPad for every student. Technology provides our students with opportunities to think creatively and critically. Increasing the number of iPads that are available has a positive impact on the learning experience. Cassie Jackson, First Grade Teacher

 $488.75 — Rollin’ With Technology  This grant purchased five Spheres, which are robotic spheres that interact with iPads.  With these state-of-the-art devices, third grade students will build obstacles, play augmented reality games, and learn basic coding skills. These project-based learning tools will introduce our students to the concepts of robotics and spark interest in our very successful robotics program at Grove High School. Deana Glasgow, Third Grade Teacher

 $1,131.96 — Learning Our Way with iPads  GEFFE continues to provide technology at every grade level to increase learning opportunities and enhance students’ education. This grant purchased four iPads that are used each day in a third grade classroom. Barbara Couch, Third Grade Teacher

 $4,339.81 — You Are a GENIUS and the World Needs YOUR Contribution!  This first grade classroom is exploring the world through the use of ten new iPads and interactive technology. This grant not only purchased the iPads, it also provided Osmo Numbers, Osmo Coding, and Osmo Puzzlets, which are programs designed to expand the iPad learning experience. Sarah Heird, First Grade Teacher

 $99.00 — DINO-LITE Technology is DYNAMITE  This grant purchased a Dino-Lite, which is a handheld microscope that gives students insight into the amazing micro-world. With this device, our third graders are examining and exploring objects and materials in an amazingly detailed manner. Deana Glasgow, Third Grade Teacher

 $159.00 — “Getting iZiggi With It”  The iZiggi HD wireless document camera is now being utilized in this third grade classroom. With this device, students are able to interact with books, documents, maps, photos, 3-D objects, and more. This grant has helped to create a fun, interactive learning experience that can be applied to all subjects. Deana Glasgow, Third Grade Teacher

 $1,719.68 — On Your Mark, Get Set, Code!  This grant has provided endless opportunities for learning in the first grade by supplying six Dash robots. Students are learning coding to direct these robots to move, turn, and follow commands. Debra Popp, First Grade Teacher

 $1,640.58 — iPads for Success  Six iPads are now available to the students in the Special Education Department at the Lower Elementary. This grant is helping to motivate students and provide them with countless opportunities for creative learning. Donna Riley and Samantha Davis, Special Education Teachers

 $1,017.85 — Towering Greens  This grant purchased a garden tower, which is a new, state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. First graders are learning about growing fruits and vegetables, indoors, all year long. Students have experienced planting, monitoring, growing, and harvesting their very own produce in the classroom. Cassi Stinnett, First Grade Teacher

 $652.88 — Whooooooooo’s In An Owl Pellet?  This project teaches third grade students about food chains in a most interesting way….hands-on experience with owl pellets! Through this grant, students will study owls, their habitat, their hunting techniques, and their prey. These lessons culminate with the dissection of an actual owl pellet to determine what the owl had for dinner. Third  Grade Teachers

 $1,384.44 — LEARNING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS  This grant provides five iPads to a third grade classroom, completing this teacher’s goal to have an iPad for each student. Deanna Glasgow, Third Grade Teacher

 $159.00 — iZiggi with iPads  The iZiggi HD wireless document camera is now being utilized in this second grade classroom. With this device, students are able to interact with books, documents, maps, photos, 3-D objects, and more. Grace Hoover, Second Grade Teacher

 $1,895.92 — iNeed an I.O.U. (iPads, Osmos, Your Help)  This grant has provided a first grade classroom with four iPads and four Osmo devices to interact with the iPads. This technology enables students to actively participate in learning and enhances their daily lessons. Patsy Wilhelm, First Grade Teacher

 $3,392.90 — Modern Learning for Little Minds, the Osmo Way!  This grant has provided a first grade classroom with six iPads and six Osmo devices to interact with the iPads. This technology enables students to actively participate in learning and enhances their daily lessons. Lori Lovelady, First Grade Teacher

 $286.85 — Engaging Foundations  This grant has provided a first grade classroom with educational games, manipulatives, and visual aids to complement lessons and engage students with age-appropriate activities. Cassie Jackson, First Grade Teacher

 $964.39 — Interactive Games and Musicals  Music classes in grades pre-kindergarten through third grade are enjoying an exciting upgrade to their ability to learn and appreciate music in many ways. By increasing musical software, games that emphasize rhythm, and adding new songs that teach math, reading, and science, music can now impact students’ education each and every day! Lisa Lovelady, Music Teacher, ECC and Lower Elementary

 $1,922.48 — Access to Literacy  This grant has provided the entire third grade with the Reading and English Department books needed to provide every student in every classroom a copy of their own. Tanya Tackett, Third Grade Teacher

 $1,367.45 — Loving Learning with the iPad  This grant provides a third grade classroom with five iPads, helping them realize their goal to have an iPad for every student in the classroom. Lisa Linn, Third Grade Teacher


 $5,804.56 — Keeping Up With the Chrome-dashians  This grant has provided a fifth grade classroom with a full set of Chromebooks, complete with a storage and charging cart. Educational technology is imperative to students’ success and GEFFE is proud to promote digital literacy to encourage college preparedness and workforce readiness. Crissy Nelson, Fifth Grade Teacher

 $12,241.20 — “Give us some Chrome - We will blow the dome!”  This grant has equipped two, sixth grade reading classrooms with sixty Chromebooks, complete with a storage and charging cart. Lyn Crawford and Linda Amos, Reading Teachers

 $7,070.66 — Students Shine with Chrome!  This grant has provided a fourth grade math classroom with a full set of Chromebooks, complete with a storage and charging cart. Lydia Cochran, Fourth Grade Teacher

 $5,804.56 — No Pencil, No Paper, No Problem!  This grant has equipped a sixth grade language arts classroom with a full set of thirty Chromebooks, complete with a storage and charging cart. Gayla Flynn, Language Arts and Geography Teacher

 $350.00 — Can You See Me Now?  An ELMO visual projector has been purchased to add important visual learning aids in a fourth grade classroom. This technology allows students to see exactly what the teacher is asking them to focus on. This encourages detailed learning and decreases distractions. Lorraine Beall, Fourth Grade Teacher

 $5,843.17 — Mastery Through Technology  Twenty iPads have been purchased for the Special Education students at the Upper Elementary. This technology provides individual learning opportunities, enhances student learning and success, and builds technological skills and literacy. Kim Roberts, Special Education Teacher

 $523.05 — Learn to Live!  This grant has provided the fifth grade social studies class with an integrated lesson program that includes research-based weekly assessments that correlate to the Oklahoma State Standards. This program encourages project-based learning, writing activities, engaging print and online activities, and tools to monitor student progress. Keri Gregg, Social Studies Teacher

 $627.72 — I See Something Historical Happening!  This grant provides students in the fifth grade Social Studies classroom with new and exciting ways to study history. By integrating an iZiggi document camera and multiple hands-on resources, history lessons come to life and knowledge is gained through unique experiences. Paige Yarborough, Fifth Grade Teacher

 $177.30 — Exaggerations Welcomed Here  A fifth grade classroom will now be enjoying various tall tales and collaborating with their classmates to identify and discuss the exaggerations revealed in these stories. Students will be entertained by larger-than-life personalities, abilities, and impossible feats. They will connect with history while studying some tall tale classics. Crissy Nelson, Fifth Grade Teacher

 $120.95 — Moving Mountains with Language Arts  This grant provides a fourth grade classroom with a Mountain Language Kit, which is a year round, supplemental review program for language arts and reading. It reinforces fundamental skills and helps build on basic concepts. Jayla Teel, Fourth Grade Teacher

 $6,253.10 — Digital Dynamite!  This grant has provided a sixth grade classroom with a set of twenty-eight Chromebooks, complete with a storage and charging cart. Melaine Crowder, Sixth Grade Teacher

 $3,614.85 — Mindstorm Magic  This grant has given fifth and sixth grade STEM students the chance to design, build, and bring to life their very own robotics projects. By using the Lego Mindstorms that GEFFE has provided, engineering and programming concepts are put to use in an exciting way. Melaine Crowder, Mathematics Teacher

 $9,999.000 — Expeditions for Everyone  GEFFE has made it possible for our sixth grade students to become explorers and travel the world! They will be experiencing over two hundred field trips to museums, the depths of the seas, outer space, and to world wonders such as the Great Wall of China. With the purchase of thirty Google Expeditions, sixth grade geography class is now our favorite place to visit! Melaine Crowder and Kim Hampton, Geography Teachers


 $94.20 — Check-Mate  Students in the middle school GATE program are now planning ahead and working on their foresight, as well as improving their problem-solving and memory skills. All of these things are possible because of a grant that has provided the GATE students with ten chess boards. Jesi Gordon, GATE Teacher

 $2,253.46 — “Send in the Replacements!”  Two of the most beloved titles in the middle school library were worn and severely tattered from years of extensive use. Full classroom sets of The Outsiders and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas have been replaced and will now continue to be studied and enjoyed for many years to come. New titles were also added and are soon to become favorites at the middle school: Between Shades of Gray, Prisoner B-3087, and A Night Divided. Charlotte Crouch, Language Arts Teacher

 $1,028.85 — Catch a Wave  This grant has provided materials used to give students a hands-on introduction into the behavior of waves. The new equipment includes giant slinkies, helical springs, tuning forks, and resonating tubes and offers our future scientists the chance to visually observe and measure the characteristics of waves. Ed Trumbell, Science Teacher

 $1,522.74 — Measure, Analyze, and Learn  Last school year, GEEFE funded a grant to the middle school science labs for a LabQuest 2, which is state-of-the-art technology for collecting and graphing data, performing analysis, and analyzing applications for scientific research. This year, the grant is expanded by adding specialized equipment to include dual-range force sensor which can be used to study friction and centripetal force, and a motion detector to measure position, velocity, and acceleration of moving objects. Donna Deason, Science Teacher

 $846.48 — Metric Mania  This grant helps middle school science students to learn and apply the metric system to all things science. Knowing the metric system is necessary for success on state tests and nationally required tests for college admission. The hands-on equipment and activities that this grant provides will send our scientists forward with the knowledge they need to be successful. Caroline Burleson, Mathematics and Science Teacher

 $407.40 — The Magical World of Reading  This grant has provided the middle school with two entire classroom sets of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This is the first book in the internationally beloved Harry Potter series. Having these books allows students the opportunity to fall in love with reading by exposing them to a new, relevant novel that is age appropriate and magically engaging. Mindy Collins and Jesi Gordon, Reading Teachers

 $950.00 — Invent to Learn  This grant adds the final touch to an already amazing robotics class at the middle school. With the new 3-D printer, students can finalize their projects with a printed version of their robotic designs. Danae Hardy, Mathematics and Robotics Teacher

 $4,064.85 — American History - Thinking Outside of the Box  This grant adds technology to yet another classroom by providing fifteen iPads for students to use while exploring American History. The iPads offer interactive maps, videos, and interactive lessons that engage students and help them go back in time while moving forward with technology. Kristi Collington, American History Teacher


 $512.84 — A Tribute to Role Models  This grant has provided the high school english department with a full set of the book, Tuesdays with Morrie. Students are learning about important role models by reading this nonfiction novel and then creating their own project focused on the role models that have had an impact on their own lives. Amanda Johnson, English Teacher

 $1,591.29 — TI-Innovator System for GHS STEM Lab Computer Programming  This project is allowing our high school students to learn Arduino-based programming and electrical engineering concepts. With the TI-Innovator Programming System, students have opportunities to learn computer programming through various pathways, utilizing an assortment of technologies and programming languages. Jeanne Smith, Mathematics Teacher

 $1,026.70 — Reading for Real Life Connections  This grant has added complete sets of two new novels for our high school students. The Other Wes Moore and Mosquitoland are now being read and studied by the Pre-AP and AP english classes. Both books discuss issues such as maintaining hope in the face of adversity and how small things can change lives. Terri Guthridge, English Teacher

 $985.33 — The Curtain Rises at GHS  In preparation for the opening of our new Performing Arts Center, the speech and drama department have received updated supplies. This grant not only filled the need to renew the stage makeup that will be used in productions, it also provided the department with new scripts and materials to use at speech competitions. Vera Yirsa, Speech and Drama Teacher

$335.70 — H2O4U  It’s something we cannot live without - water! And with Grand Lake as the centerpiece of our community, it is something our students can now dive into and perform in-depth studies that relate directly to the waters right here at home. This grant has provided the high school with materials to conduct experiments on both salt and fresh waters. The projects include oil spills and bacteria used to clean such spills, the examination of currents, and the monitoring of water qualities in Grand Lake. Gerri Chandler, Science Teacher

$699.00 — Synthetic Sounds, $8,162.99 — Over Amped Marching Band, $3,153.00 — Testing… 1… 2… 3… Mic Check   Our Ridgerunner Marching Band has a rich history of representing our school and community across the state and around the nation. This music program continues to win awards and receive superior ratings at competitions, year after year. These three grants are providing the high school band department with much needed equipment to bring our field shows and our band program into the 21st century. Joseph Wilhelm, Middle School and High School Band Director

$2,000.00 — Let it Grow! Let it Grow!  In a partnership between the science and agriculture classes, this grant has provided the necessary materials to create and maintain a raised bed garden system at the high school. Students will be building, planting, caring for, maintaining, and harvesting their own organic garden. This project has amazing possibilities for growth, both for our students and the garden they create! Pam Chaney, Science Teacher


$9,245.93 — Cave & Water Conservation Studies  This grant will be impacting a large number of students in third, fifth, and sixth grades, as well as high school students in AP biology and biology. First funded last school year and winner of the Shining Star Award, this program was such a success that it is being granted again and expanded to more students! During this comprehensive study of caves and water conservation, Ridgerunners will gain an understanding of human effects on our water systems, both seen and unseen. It includes classroom instruction, hands-on lab experiments, and the course culminates with a cave simulator and a virtual reality cave experience! Deitra Biely, Third Grade Teacher


$9,000.00  Through the generosity of our donors and their passion to support technology in Grove Public Schools, GEFFE was able to provide the Lower Elementary with an additional $9,000.00 for iPads and the necessary accessories. This substantial investment will help the Lower Elementary reach its goal to have an iPad for every student in first, second, and third grades!

$7,625  The GEFFE Legacy Library has provided our school libraries with thousands of books. Library funding has dwindled to dismal levels, making the support from GEFFE vital. Thanks to our generous donors, our librarians are able to stock the latest titles and important works for our children to read.