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2012 Spring Grants

Spring Grants 2012

JanaGibsonJana Gibson, Early Childhood Center, $273.01, “Monkey Business" --- Colorful monkey figurines and puppet will be used to teach the young children to count from one to thirty, and to learn their upper and lower case alphabets, as well as including interactive games for the smart board that will be used when introducing a letter, vocabulary, comparing sizes, and object matching and sorting.


Pat Wilhelm Lower Elementary, $458.07, “Rhyme ‘n Read” ----The proposed project will help first graders to become great readers, super spellers and awesome writers.  This grant will enable students to gather on the carpet with their teacher around the Royal Reading/Writing center (or easel) and will consist of lessons phonemic awareness that will include rhyming activities.  The easel will allow the teacher to showcase big books that have rhyme as well as write words in which students can identify certain letter/sound correlations to other lessons.  

Mrs. Lovelady, Lower Elementary, $966.07, “Boom! Bang! Bash!  Clanging for Cash!”  With the majority of the lower elementary instruments being for demonstration purposes only, this grant provides a variety of percussion instruments associated with books and cd’s to begin hands on experience with music.

HamptonKimKim Hampton, Upper Elementary, $1130.96, "Let’s Measure This"…This grant is for obtaining a class set of double pan balance scales with weights, metric tape measures and lab thermometers. This equipment will help students gain a better knowledge by using hands on equipment to measure different objects in Science lab throughout the school year.


ClevelandRobtRobert Cleveland, Upper Elementary, $2,233.54, "Hands On" … This grant represents a major update enabling the 6th grade to have hands on examples to help reach all learning styles of the students in understanding Science. Examples of the different hands on items: are electric circuits, Solar System Magnets, insect life cycle magnets, different types of animal specimens that the students can classify. Overall the hands on items will cover from Life Science to Physical Science.

Crowder-WilliamsMrs. Crowder and Mrs. Williams, Upper Elementary, $846.79, "All Hands-On Math for Common Core Success" … This grant includes various math manipulatives and games that will help make learning math a easier and a lot more fun!  These hands-on techniques give fresh ideas to help students focus on more in-depth understanding of math concepts and help make the transition into Common Core easier. 

Joe Wilhelm, High School, $2,000, “Friday Night Lights”…This includes a large screen television, video camera, and recorder to enable the marching band to analyze and evaluate their practices and performance. The goals are to improve the marching, concert, and jazz bands from individual members, to the band as a whole. This equipment will allow the bands to see and hear where they need improvement, and allow them to perfect their performance.

Valerie Epperson, High School, $5,000, “Losing Electrons in AP Chemistry…….Think Positive!!!!!”  This grant will update the high school Chemistry Lab with the equipment and lab supplies aligned to the AP Chemistry College Board requirements.  It will help prepare our top students with valuable skills and experience they will need to compete in colleges and universities across the nation by improving the Chemistry laboratory to meet the specifications of Pre AP and AP Chemistry standards the beginning of which will be available next fall.  


Keni Iverson, Alternative High School, $3,702, “Desperate for Dell”…. This project focuses on updating a computer lab that is over ten years old.  Providing students with curriculum and software that will enhance their learning and having computers that will run current software is vital for our program.  Several of the computers had crashed and others had outdated operating systems.  With the installation of this lab updated curriculum can be utilized providing a more effective and learning environment in that the vast majority of education here is provided through computer interaction.