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1999-2018 Shining Star Award Winners

   The Shining Star Nominees are chosen from the inspiring list of educators that submitted grants and made a positive impact on their students’ education.  Each of the Shining Star Nominees submitted grant projects that promote excellence, inspire learning, and promote creativity in their classrooms and for their students.

Lu Ann DuBois (2018)

Kim Hampton and Melaine Crowder (2017)

Deitra Roberts-Biely (2016)

Jeanne Smith (2015)

Briana Thurman (2014)

Susan Thomas, Charla Matthews (2013)

Jeanne Smith (2012)

Linda Fracek, Saunda Davis (2011)

Terry Cash (2010)

Amy Kreutz (2009)

Sandy Harper (2008)

Jeanne Smith (2007)

Lori Coffin (2006)

Nancy Sanders (2005)

Charlene Bailey, Linda Clouse, Janice Torbett, JoAnn Brice, Tracy Goins (2004)

Cindy Shero (2003)

Donna Deason & Ed Trumbull (2002)

Carol Hunsperger & Lori Hines (2001)

Jane Ann Duffield (2000)

Kathy Bergman (1999)




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