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Save the Date!

Save the date for the GEFFE Gala on April 25 at the Grove Civic Center. Corporate tables can be purchased by calling Benee Masri at 918-645-9896. Individual tickets will be sold at local banks at least three weeks before the Gala. Check us out here and on our Facebook page for regular postings as the event draws near.

February 17 Deadline for GEFFE Grant Applications

The deadline is approaching for applications for the GEFFE spring grant cycle.  The deadline for receiving the grants is February 17th.   Just go to the "Grants" tab on the web site and down load your application.  Then  follow the instructions for completing and returning it. .

2015 Shining Star Award Nominees Announced!

GEFFE has announced this year's three Shining Star finalists.  The Shining Star Award is given for the grant application in the last year that best exemplifies innovation and excellence in education.  The finalists are:

Tim Williams was awarded a $2,515 grant for “Sun Powered Growth.” This project is an expansion of a project already established at the GEFFE Greenhouse located on the campus of the Upper Elementary/Middle School. The expansion allows students to study and learn about solar energy as well as provide real-world application in sustainable energy and food production. Additionally, this provides opportunities for students of all ages to use the expanded facility for science fair research and ongoing projects. The final result of this project will be a completely energy independent section of the GEFFE Greenhouse providing food and showing that renewable energy coupled with sustainable food sources work.

Jeanne Ann Smith was awarded a $5,000 grant for “Mmm…STEM Education with littleBits & 3D Printing.” With the littleBits electronics and a 3D printer, students and teachers are given hands-on experience with electronics that require no soldering and they will be able to use and experience the new world of 3D printing. They will also learn CAD software so that they can fully utilize the 3D printer.

Angie Bacon and Sylvie Kane were awarded a $4,320 grant for “The DaVinci (QR) Code: Using QR Codes and Mini iPads to Enhance Problem Solving.” QR (Quick Response) codes are being used at the Lower Elementary and Middle School to engage students with the use of technology. QR codes are posted throughout the schools requiring seventh graders and second graders to work together to solve a variety of math problems aligned with Common Core standards.

The winner will be announced at the GEFFE Gala.   Congratulations to all three teachers!



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