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September 15 Deadline for GEFFE Grant Applications

With the new school year starting, it is time for applications for the GEFFE fall grant cycle.  The deadline for receiving the grants is September 15.   Just go to the "Grants" tab on the web site and down load your application.  Then  follow the instructions for completing and returning it. .

Gala 2014 Nets $70,000!

On April 26th, the Grove Foundation For Excellence had its 18th annual fund raiser to provide grants to the teachers of the Grove Public School system supporting innovation and excellence.   With almost 400 in attendance, the net proceeds were $70,000 in profit to be distributed back to the teachers.  The previously reported numbers were the actually the gross.  Thank you to all of our supporters... volunteers, bidders, donors and supporters.

Spring 2014 Grant Recipients Announced

GEFFE has announced the 2014 Spring Grant awardees.  This was a particularly innovative and insightful cycle.  A complete description of the grants can be found under the grants tab.  The total amount was $33,302 and is the first of two grant cycles in 2014, with the next being the fall grant cycle.  The money is received primarily from the Foundation's GALA which will be held in two weeks.  It represents an investment in our children and their future.

GEFFE Honors 2014 Top Scholars

Grove High School has announced its 22 Top Scholars...students with a grade point of greater than 4.0. GEFFE will honor these students at its annual GALA on April 26th, along the Shining Star nominees. The Top Scholars are currently submitting information about themselves and a complete description can be found under the honorees tab or by going directly to:

2014 Shining Star Award Nominees Announced!

GEFFE has announced this year's Shining Star finalists.  The Shining Star Award is given for the grant application in the last year that best exemplifies innovation and excellence in education.  The finalists are:

Donna Deason who is recognized for “It’s the Law,” a project with straw rockets and ping pong launchers that enhance mastery of Newton's Laws of Motion.




Briana Thurman who is recognized for “Young Entrepreneurs Aiming for Success” This is a program that teaches students to successfully run their own business from startup. The students also help run the High School Store which allows them to learn about hands-on business situations.


Jennifer Rose who is recognized for “Composing Our Education Through Music Technology” creating a Music Technology Lab at the Upper Elementary  utilizing computer workstations, keyboards (pianos), and software to offer our students a digital music education. 


The winner will be announced at the GEFFE Gala and receive $300. Congratulations to all three teachers!



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